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morganite stone


  • Origin of the name: Named after American banker John Pierpont Morgan, a tribute from his famous gemologist friend George Frederick Kunz.
  • Group: Beryl variety
  • Chemical composition: Aluminium and beryllium silicate, Al2Be (Si6O18).
  • Crystal System: Hexagonal
  • Hardness: between 7.5 and 8
  • Deposits: Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Rhodesia, U.S.A.
  • Colour: Light pink to vibrant pink, purple, deep red.

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History of Morganite Stone

From the Beryl family, Morganite dates back to 1902 in California. However, others believe that this beautiful stone was discovered in Madagascar, 1911. In any event, the documentation of this stone remains relatively recent compared to that of other stones. Originally named ‘Pink Beryl’, it owes its current name to American banker John Pierpont Morgan. It was George Frederick Kunz, a famous gemologist, who decided to term it so, in homage to his friend, a great philanthropist and mineral collector.

A symbol of love and passion, Morganite stones are appreciated by many. The most beautiful weighs 600 carats and comes from Madagascar. A beautifully coloured faceted cushion, it is on display at the British Museum in London. Two beautiful Brazilian morganites are also on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. In this famous natural history museum, you can admire these stone varieties, cut at 235 and 250 carats.

Origin and Composition of Morganite Stone

Morganite stone is a semiprecious stone that owes its pink colour to its manganese content. Rich in caesium, the stone’s hue typically changes depending on how it is illuminated; it is therefore a gem that exhibits strong pleochroism. It can have different pink hues, ranging from light, crimson or orange. In any case, the most sought-after morganite stone is the variety whose colour recalls ‘Beach Blossom’. It is also in Madagascar – its possible place of origin – that we find the best samples. Occasionally called pezzotaite, this specimen is nevertheless becoming increasingly rare. It is often likened to pink tourmaline and can be around 20 cm in size.

Today, it is very common to find morganite stones whose colour has been thermally treated to improve it. However, these stones are of slightly less value than those that are not treated. In this regard, the gem’s value is determined by elements such as the size of the stone or the brightness and saturation of its pink. Purity is also an important criterion to be taken into account when valuing this stone. This beautiful mineral’s appearance is very pure and more or less transparent to the naked eye. It is often found without imperfections and inclusions. Moreover, although rare, it sometimes displays asterism and shimmer, optical effects.

Its crystal system is hexagonal, and thus has 6 faces. Its formula is Be3Al2 (SiO3)6 and it is often faceted. In addition, as it is a mineral from the beryl family, it is of the same family as aquamarine and emerald. It therefore has high durability. On the Mohs scale, its hardness is between 7.5 and 8. This stone variety is usually discovered in pegmatites of metamorphic rocks. They are today found in Brazil and Madagascar, but also in locations such as Namibia, Afghanistan or Mozambique. You can also find this mineral in China, Russia and the United States. However, the largest morganites were found in Brazil, 1968. A geode of 3 m – 9 m was discovered on a rock cavity lined with morganite crystals and dark green tourmaline spires.

Today, these pink crystals can be used to create wondrous works. Semiprecious, they make the perfect gift. For example, it is used to make durable necklaces as well as bracelets and rings. Highly prized due to its unique and soft hue, it is often paired with rose gold to create various exceptional pieces.

Litho Therapeutic Properties of Morganite Stone

Morganite Stone’s Mental Benefits

Due to its beautiful colour, morganite is a pleasant stone that soothes and relaxes. Symbolising love and friendship, this stone helps to attract and heighten warm feelings. Very powerful, morganite crystals are recommended at the early stages of a new romance, to create pleasant connections with others or to maintain rewarding relationships. Perfect for couples, it reinforces sensuality. It therefore makes the perfect gift for your true love. Moreover, along with romance, it is an effective jewel to facilitate the expression of feelings. It promotes healthy thoughts and reduces stress and emotional problems. It is a stone perfectly suited to those with tough or rigid characters. Using it reduces resentment and anger. It also guarantees emotional security as it brings tolerance while helping to create a more comforting environment. In addition, by holding this stone, it deepens your meditations and develops your psychic gifts. If you have a spirit guide, it will allow you to establish stronger connections. In addition, deep rose purple morganites help stimulate chakras such as the third eye. They develop the mind and allow us to better remember the past.

Morganite stone heightens our wisdom and insight. It helps you to make the right decisions and structures your opinions. It is also used to better manage complicated situations. When used on the navel, peach-pink morganite heightens creativity. It can be used to foster self-confidence, and in particular to cope with major events. In addition, with its exceedingly powerful vibrations, morganite helps you develop your emotional abilities. It will imbue you with its inner beauty and help you to worry less. So it’s not surprising that it can also allow you to find happiness, making you happier day by day. You can also use it to strengthen family bonds and give your house a gentle, relaxing atmosphere.

Morganite Stone’s Physical Benefits

Morganite’s physical benefits are just as remarkable. For example, it will stabilise your heart and reduce lung problems with this beautiful crystal. Very heart-oriented, this semiprecious stone also helps to reduce heart problems related to anxiety. It also helps to reduce stress. With significant therapeutic efficiency, it stimulates blood circulation, promoting blood oxygenation. From another perspective, this stone softens the skin and reduces acne. It also helps to prevent bone problems. The peach-pink variety heightens the sexual experience by creating spiritual connection. For example, it helps you to become aware of unconscious desires and to liberate one’s emotions. It makes sexual experiences more intense and memorable. It is said to be very effective for Kundalini and Tantric sex practitioners.

In addition, morganite works on the heart chakra, helping love to flow. In this regard, it works well with emerald as it balances its green vibrations. It also stimulates the thymus chakra. It also helps women reconnect with their femininity. It allows men who feel the need to maintain their masculinity to balance their masculine and feminine energies. When using this semiprecious stone, it may be worth purifying it periodically to recharge its energy. To do so, whether in its raw form or in the form of a jewel, you simply have to put it under a stream of running water. You can also place it for a few hours in salty distilled water.

Morganite Stone’s Symbolism

  • Morganite provides protection and sensitivity.

Morganite Stone’s Traditions

  • Native Americans: Morganite represents the rosebush of the meadow (thorny and sweet).