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pierre orgonite

Caractéristiques de la pierre orgonite

  • Origine du nom : Issu du nom orgone, attribué par Wilhelm Reich, signifiant l’énergie vitale omniprésente
  • Composition chimique : Matière organique (à base de carbone, matière métallique (or, aluminium, laiton, cuivre, etc.), cristal de roche
  • Dureté : 7
  • Système cristallin : Rhomboédrique
  • Gisement(s) : Partout dans le monde
  • Couleur(s) : Toutes les couleurs

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In the early 1940s, Wilhelm Reich referred to the existence of a vital energy emitted by orgone that would be a real source of vitality. It was only after his death that various studies on this mysterious energy were carried out by a great number of scientists and supporters. Among them is Don Croft, a person who has been associated with history by offering numerous products and various derivative applications. Orgonite then made its entrance as a stone with energetic benefits for the environment and especially for the well-being of the human body. There was also Wilhelm Reich, a brilliant doctor specialized in psychoanalysis. Being of Austrian origin, he was for a long time the pupil of Sigmund Freud. He is still recognized today as an emblematic figure thanks to the various works he was able to carry out, particularly regarding orgasm. His opinion differed from his mentor’s, who considered libido as a source of vitality responsible for numerous disorders when it is present in excess. Reich had a very different opinion on the various health dysfunctions, which he believed were caused by a hormonal imbalance leading to orgasm. These very controversial psychoanalytical methods and his polemical remarks on sexuality made him an undesirable person in Europe. He therefore decided to leave for the United States at the beginning of the Second World War in order to settle there and continue his various works. In these different studies, he announced that he had discovered cosmic energy, representing the source of life and present in abundance throughout the universe. From the moment he made this discovery, the substance obsessed him throughout his life, devoting himself body and soul to these different researches. Accompanied by a few volunteers and scientists who shared his vision, he developed a genuine study centre that he named Orgonon.

Reich was anything but a stranger. He was used to frequent intellectual circles and rubbed shoulders with various celebrities of the time. However, he was confronted with the American justice system and in particular the federal administrative services, which triggered an extensive public health investigation. This will lead to an injunction against Reich and his centre. He will be forced to stop the publication of these various works and to carry out the destruction of the accumulators. His strength of conviction prevented him from yielding to these various pressures, which unfortunately earned him a prison sentence. All his books and various articles were seized and then burned. A few days before his release, Reich suffered heart failure and died in his cell. Although he has died, Reich had enough influence to keep this theory alive and the numerous books he had already published allowed others to continue the work he had begun. In spite of an empty period in the 80’s and 90’s, the American Don Croft took up his various theories and published the plans of various artefacts including particularly Orgonite. Following his success, different communities began to form around the world.

Building on this success, Don Croft incorporated unique elements on his theory in particular on conspiracy theories. The substance aroused great interest in view of its numerous miraculous properties that were discovered after the first theories of Reich. Among the various preconceived ideas, the substance would be able to completely clean an environment that was polluted by heavy substances, even on a living being. It is also believed to have healing powers, particularly for diseases considered incurable. But its alleged miraculous properties are not limited to that. It would also be capable of awakening supernatural abilities present in human beings, such as telepathy. Some products have also been made from Orgonite, and despite its small size, its area of action can spread over several kilometres. The product is often associated with a sexual character. It might have a link with Reich’s psychoanalyst work on libido. Although Don Croft developed a whole range of products based on Orgonite stone, he was not the first to exploit the theory, as Reich was selling accumulators that he had created in the 1950s. Today it is still possible to buy artefacts through specialized websites. Although it represents an esoteric image, when associated with a mixture of carbon and metals, it offers recognized virtues which make it an undisputed product in alternative medicine or science.


Orgonite stone is composed of a matrix indispensable for the formation of the mineral. It is made of polystyrene resin or epoxy resin. It is also not uncommon to find sweet preparations containing long carbon chains. Different metals are also present, including copper, brass, bronze, and nickel but also much more precious metals such as gold or silver but in small quantities. It can also be combined with other minerals but amethyst, pyrite and hematite are mostly used in relatively small quantities. Depending on the final rendering, some additives can be added such as copper spirals. Today, a lot of products are made of Orgonite, such as Zapper, tower buster, Holy Hand grenade or dolphin ball. It can also be used to make decorative products or jewellery. To do so, it is important to use a suitable proportion and shape. The objective is to obtain a much higher concentration of the product to feel the effects on oneself. A tower buster is a product composed of about tens grams of orgonite, a piece of quartz and small pieces of aluminium. It is sealed in a plastic, glass, metal or cardboard container.

Some people do not hesitate to use cake moulds to make a tower buster, for example. Even if the object remains small, it is estimated that its area of action is capable of reaching 400 m. Another outstanding example is a Holy Hand grenade, which is forged from a conic object made of different materials. In order for the artefact to be effective, it is important that it contains five bi-terminated quartz crystals, and the quantities are respected. The largest of the crystals should then be arranged vertically under the tip, with the other four crystals serving as a base in a crosswise arrangement. Different metals are then used, but aluminium is often preferred. Some precious metals are also added, such as silver or gold. More spiritual objects will complete the mixture with the aim of having an action signal capable of reaching 2 km.



Orgonite stone is a product capable of capturing orgone, but it also has the power to convert a harmful element into a positive element, creating a remarkable harmony. The goal is to be able to revitalize an environment in which you evolve, while cleaning it up, regardless of the form of the product. The benefits are very close to the different phenomena proposed by alchemy. It requires a very good knowledge of materials and to ensure its proper functioning. In any case, Orgonite stone is associated with many phenomena and harmony on a psychological level. The advantage is that its effects are immediate. It is enough to wear it as a pendant or as a simple decorative element. Harmful energies are automatically captured without you having to make any effort. In addition to cleaning up the atmosphere by capturing harmful flows, beneficial flows will be released. The metal trapped in resin will react to the electromagnetic fields of your environment. Combined with rose quartz, it will spread a positive impact thanks to a natural transformation process. The various analyses carried out clearly show that orgonite stone really influences the frequency of the surrounding electromagnetic vibratory flows. Its primary function involves spreading frequencies with positive vibratory flows while protecting people from harmful psychological impacts. Orgonite stone is capable of countering these different impacts including stress, life’s upsets, and the negative vibratory flows that the human body can emit naturally because of dysfunctions or preoccupations.


Electrical or electromagnetic devices naturally emit negative flows. Thanks to a natural energy process, orgonite has the capacity to transform these harmful flows into a cycle of positive waves. The aim is to have a beneficial influence of its environment on oneself, and not the opposite, on the physical level for example. The harmful influence of electrical appliances is thus removed. The material is also used to promote the growth cycle of plants. Plant growth is accelerated by reducing its needs and eliminating harmful interactions. When place close to clean water, orgonite has the ability to form ice stalagmites. A detoxification of water and a purification of the atmosphere is to be noted in the different benefits and phenomena granted to it. It would be an alternative method to end droughts. We live in a world where we are constantly subjected to radio waves, mobile phone waves and other vibrations travelling through us. Orgonite would be able to soften the impacts of these harmful waves on the human body by acting as a shield. Moreover, the substance would be able to awaken psychic gifts, which we have naturally but which we have not been able to develop ourselves during our existence. Ideal also to establish harmony in case of insomnia or difficult sleep, the substance has the power to bring a balance in the organism, promoting a better mood, more restful sleep and a better energetic signal.


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