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pietersite stone


  • Origin of the name: named after the man who discovered it, Sidney Pieters.
  • Chemical composition: Complex silicate, SiO2.
  • Hardness: 7
  • Crystal system: Rhombohedral.
  • Deposits: South Africa, China, Namibia.
  • Colours: Blue, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Chestnut brown.

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Discovered in 1962, this mineral is composed of a mixture of falcon’s eye, tiger’s eye, and crocidolite. It is named after Sidney Pieters, the man who discovered it. An amphibole very similar to Pietersite can be naturally found In China’s Hunan Region. It does not contain crocidolite, but has high torendrikite content. This stone was made commercially available only in the 1990s. Today, it is used to make some handcrafts, mainly in the form of beads to constitute different jewels. In fact, Pietersite beads can be used to make bracelets or bohemian necklaces.


This natural mineral is a fibrous and opaque quartz variety. Its shimmering reflections, which contrast with its deep black colour, are due to the presence of a large number of crocidolite layers. These inclusions, which have the consistency of asbestos, may to a certain extent, have been oxidized by iron. They can be found clustered or forming patches or straight lines, which may be in shades of grey-blue, silver, or yellow. This mineral is quite rare. Namibia is the only country owning a high quality deposit, the variety coming from China being less sought after. With a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, this stone is harder than glass.

Pietersite is formed by the merging of several breccias. It is mainly composed of tiger’s eye and falcon’s eye. It is the crocidolite that gives these minerals their lustre. In tiger’s eye, the crocidolite fragments are disorderly arranged, giving the stone a striated and shimmering appearance with blue and silver reflections. In falcon’s eye, they are arranged in a more orderly fashion as parallel straight lines. The names of these gemstones directly refer to their resemblance to the eyes of these animals.



Pietersite is a rebalancing stone with known healthful benefits to the mind and the body. It can also help improve self-confidence and treat addiction. Pietersite emits a high level of energy and banishes low spirits and gloomy thoughts. It can stimulate the desire to open up to others and create new bonds, improving the ability to express oneself and communicate. Combined with blue chalcedony, it is perfect for improving eloquence. This crystal allows the wearers to have clearer and more limpid thoughts, and to channel their energy. It helps overcome periods of indecision and brings the necessary motivation, energy and positive attitude to realize one’s dreams. It also encourages honesty and people to remain true to their meaningful values. Pietersite is ideal for people doing research or studies in the field of philosophy of mysticism. It acts directly on the mind and the imagination, and helps stimulate the gifts of mental vision and telepathic connections.

It helps recover from trauma and emotional shocks, offers protection against people with authoritarian and domineering characters, and helps the wearers feel lighter and more relaxed, so that they can move forward in their lives. It focuses on the upper chakras, helping the wearers find a balance between vital desires and the constraints of their everyday life reality. It is also believed to have direct benefits on concentration and listening skills. It allows the wearers to stay focused and to follow an established plan to achieve their goals. Furthermore, it stimulates the mind and brings inspiration and new ideas. Pietersite encourages the wearers to live in the moment, and to concentrate on the essentials, without worrying about the superficial and appearances. It helps to temper certain character traits, such as susceptibility. It improves self-esteem and self-acceptance, working beyond external judgments and harmful people. During periods of major changes and upheavals, this crystal helps the wearer to stay calm and in control. Pietersite must be regularly purified.


Pietersite also offers physical benefits. Its stimulation of the metabolism is a source of energy and strength. It also works on the nervous system and the brain, helping to relieve pain. It has a beneficial impact on the endocrine system and the pituitary gland, and helps treat hormonal disorder. By purifying and recharging the meridians, it effectively treats fatigue and lack of energy. It also has a positive effect on the regulation of the digestive system, and helps relieve liver disorder. Moreover, it positively acts on stomach pains and eases digestion.

Used by direct application, it can help effectively treat eye disorders and vision problems. It helps treat hearing problems and tinnitus. Its use also helps relieve headaches.


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