Rock Crystal Stone - Stone properties - Litho therapy - Minerals Kingdoms
rock crystal stone


  • Group: Quartz
  • Chemical composition: Silicon dioxide, SiO²
  • Hardness: 7
  • Crystal System: Rhombehedral
  • Deposits: Found worldwide. The most beautiful come from Brazil, Arkansas, Madagascar, and the Alps.
  • Colours: Transparent, colourless.

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History of Rock Crystal Stone

In 1500 BC, Mycenaeans (An Aegean Civilisation of the Helladic period in Greece) were already beginning to carve and sculpt rock crystal stone. Indeed, a rock crystal stone cup is housed at Athens museum from this period. As for the Romans, they were already making jewels such as rock crystal bracelets, rock crystal necklaces, faceted rings, beaded necklaces and rock crystal pendants.

In the 10th century AD, Egyptians created ewers adorned with spiral relief patterns. The Louvre museum also houses the reliquary of Saint Henri (composed of silver, rock crystal stone, copper and enamel) which dates back to medieval times.

During the Renaissance, the workshops of Florence and Milan made beautiful rock crystal stone pieces and created hanaps (Medieval drinking vessel), cups and vases. It is also possible to find them in the Apollo Gallery of the Louvre Museum.

Later, a large number of rock crystal obelisks appeared, coming primarily from Egypt after their large-scale campaign under the Empire and consulate. Bishops also made rock crystal rings.

Origin and Composition of Rock Crystal Stone

Rock crystal stone is part of the quartz family. It is a colourless quartz essentially composed of silicon dioxide. It is possible to find it in the form of colourless crystals, colourful crystals, smoky crystals or in a microscopic and translucent varieties. The two main constituents of the lithosphere being silicon and oxygen as well as quartz, it is by far the most common mineral.

Rock crystal stone is also found in granite, metamorphic granite and sedimentary rocks. The deposits of this stone are found primarily in Brazil, Madagascar, the Alps, the USA and the Himalayas.

Litho Therapeutic Properties of Rock Crystal Stone

Rock crystal stone has a symbolic property for which it is recognised. It is a receiver, transmitter and amplifier. Rock crystal stone works on the energy that is inside oneself, amplifying, transforming, storing and transmitting it.

Rock crystal stone is the perfect stone for imagination and clairvoyance. It also allows you to reach high states of meditation very quickly. For energy blockages, rock crystal helps stabilise and harmonise the etheric body as well as the body’s vibrational rate.

This stone is primarily used by litho therapy therapists with the aim of recharging, strengthening and activating other crystals and minerals. Placed next to another crystal or mineral, rock crystal stone promotes their properties. This stone is used with all minerals, regardless of their colour or properties. It uses its light and purity to amplify its powers and energy. It accompanies and purifies the aura.

Thanks to rock crystal stone, the body’s energy reserves are developed as well as the parallel and psychic faculties of telepathy, visualisation, foresight or hearing, intuition or concentration…

If you need to purify the energy of an object, another stone or a place, a crystal geode or a quartz collection can be of great use. The energies of the environment will be developed and purified at the same time. Whether at work or in your home, wearing a rock crystal necklace will allow you to amplify the properties of your environment so that they are in your favour.

Conversely, if you want to place rock crystal stone in your living room, a rock crystal sphere is perfect as it emits its properties and virtues omnidirectionally. The nearby energies will therefore be harmonised and homogenised. If you place a rock crystal sphere next to another stone, the properties of the latter will be greatly amplified.

Rock Crystal Stone Symbolism

  • Union of opposites between the solid material and transparent immaterial.

Rock Crystal Stone Traditions

  • Native American shamanism: Rock crystal stone is sacred and offers foresight and wisdom. It facilitates a state of trance and allows the mind the freedom to fly, giving you access to the unconscious thus awakening the mind.
  • Australian/Oceanic shamanism: It is considered a ‘Stone of Light’ and is also used for foresight. Rock crystal stone helps one to perceive the causes and origins of disease. It also assists the patient on the road to recovery.
  • Christian: It represents immaculate conception. More broadly, it represents the conclusion of a spiritual mission.
  • India: Rock crystal stone is the rock embryo, which becomes a diamond at maturity.
  • Rock Crystal wedding anniversary: 15 years of marriage.