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  • Origin of the name: From the Latin « rubellus » meaning « reddish ». Also called Pink Tourmaline.
  • Chemical composition: Complex silicates of borosilicates of aluminum with some iron, magnesium and alkali (Na,Li,Ca)(Mn,Mg,Fe,Al,Ti,Cr)9((OH,F)4/(BO)3/Si6O18).
  • Hardness: Between 7 and 7.5.
  • Crystal System: Rhombohedral
  • Deposits: Afghanistan, Angola, Australia, Burma, Brazil, United States, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Rhodesia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand.
  • Colour: Pink.




Rubellite stone, its Latin name meaning « reddish », is actually a variety of pink tourmaline. According to an ancestral legend from Egypt, they came out of the epicentre of the Earth and, during their long ascent, they crossed a rainbow of colours, depositing on them the variety of colours specific to this type of gem. This magnificent story would explain why the family of this mineral has such a wealth of colours. Moreover, each one is named according to its colour, its original deposit or one of its unique characteristics.

Rubellite stone, which belongs to the category of semi-precious gems, owes its name to its troubling resemblance to ruby, which is a precious stone.


Rubellite stone’s colours range in warm tones from intense red to pink to shades of purple. It is often confused with the red spinel or the noble ruby which gave it the name, as the Russian Tsar Peter the Great did. After all, it has the same intense red colour and double refraction. It has an important hardness ranging from 7 to 7.5 cm on Mohs scale. Although semi-precious, it is the rarest and most expensive of the varieties. It has the particularity of being very pleochroic, but is also the most dichroic mineral on Earth. The largest deposits are found in Mozambique and Nigeria. They are also found in Brazil, Tanzania, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Niger, India, Angola, Burma, Australia and Italy. According to the legend, it travels a lot! The most remarkable of the rubellites is said to be found in the city of Shimoyo, Mozambique. It is a gem that differs from Pink Tourmaline by a significantly different composition. The latter is darker under incandescent light and has a lower level of manganese.

Rubellite, on the other hand, has high manganese content and colours that are particularly sparkling under lighting. A quality piece will stand out for its clarity and the magnificent brilliance produced by its copper content. Despite available rich shades, the ruby colour remains the most coveted. Among pink shades, dravite rubellites (close to light mahogany) as well as silerite (offering magnificent reflections ranging from blue to violet or delicate lilac) are the most appreciated. Until now, this mineral has been relatively accessible and easy to find. Its success is such that today prices have risen significantly. This might be due to the fact that it admirably replaces pink-sapphire while being much more affordable.


Rubellite acts as a repairing balm on emotional people. It brings healing to both everyday emotions and the deeper and more painful childhood emotions. Thanks to its connection with the heart chakra, it can destroy all emotional schemes that have become obsolete. It accompanies the inner evolution of individuals, helping them to get rid of everything that encumbers them emotionally, to let go of everything that has become useless. It allows them to become who they really are, freed from their old functioning ways, in joy and lightness. It is ideal for moderating exaggerated emotions and identifying their origins. It diffuses a soft and feminine energy, that of the nurturing mother, absolutely perfect to renew the energy of the heart and its chakra. It thus enables the release of energy blocks. Like Mother of the cosmos, it vibrates in a gentle, natural and soothing way. It creates a wonderful feeling of serenity and absolute peace, reminiscent of maternal tenderness and gentleness. It thus provokes the incomparable satisfaction of a mother’s unconditional love. It leads to the experience of pure love, to give love to oneself, first of all, and then to others. At the same time, it promotes tolerance and compassion. In order to give support and help to others, one must be able to give it to oneself first. It helps to raise awareness.

Rubellite stone is particularly effective when it comes to resolving conflicts with women, especially those of maternal descent. When one feels emotionally fragile, in case of depression or relational conflicts, rubellite brings immense consolation. It destroys negative thoughts about oneself, allowing one to regain self-confidence and self-love. Whoever wears it will feel as if galvanized by universal love. Rubellite stone releases mental ruminations and develops consciousness and instinct. It chases away parasitic thoughts and brings a new dimension to thoughts. It is useful for memorizing important information, for making a decision or during examinations, for example. Associated with black tourmaline, it is excellent to fight against obsessive thoughts and attitudes, but especially to put an end to chronic anxiety. It purifies your mental, emotional, physical body, and also repairs the aura. It thus contributes to the good general functioning of the being and to the harmony of the various chakras. It has the fantastic particularity of consolidating the connection between the heart chakra and the coronal chakra. The latter being the receptacle of universal Love, it allows you to better capture, feel and restore it all around you. It gives back to love the entire dimension it deserves within life. It is recommended for children who suffer from insomnia, hyperactivity or who cannot find their place in their family. Its gentle maternal energy gives them the stability and peace of mind they need. It is excellent for treating disorders related to the heart, of course, but also to the lungs. It fights tachycardia, calms the heart in case of an attack and soothes the symptoms of angina. It is also used for its dermatological qualities since it reconstitutes skin tissue. It is therefore attributed rejuvenating virtues. As a mineral of love, both material and spiritual, it can be an aphrodisiac. In all cases, it promotes love, sharing and carnal pleasure.


  • Rubellite symbolizes honesty and calmness.


  • Alchemy: Rubellite is the essence of plant life.
  • Greece: It is associated with immortality beverage and ambrosia.
  • Middle Ages: It represents spiritual perfection and immortality.
  • India: It represents the food of intelligence.

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