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  • Origin of the name: From Greek “selenitis”, meaning Moon Stone, because it shows the brightness of the moon
  • Group: Evaporite, White Fibrous Gypsum
  • Chemical composition: Calcium hydrosulphate, CaSO42H2O
  • Hardness: 2
  • Crystal System: Cross star-shaped
  • Deposits: Brazil, Canada, China
  • Colours: White, pink, rarely colourless




This beautiful translucent stone takes its softly pronounced name from Greek mythology. Daughter of the two titans Hyperion, the light god, and his sister Theia, the goddess Selene was the lunar goddess and embodied kindness, goodness and benevolence. Along with her brothers Helios, the sun god, and Eos, the god of the new dawn, Selene, nicknamed “the one with beautiful hair”, belongs to a particularly romantic family of stars that are very involved in astrology. This is why the stone that bears her name recharges itself on full moon nights and holds many powers. But the legend that has travelled through many centuries also says that this stone hates water and even disintegrates when it comes into contact with it. It is a very fragile stone and its surface can easily be damaged if handled roughly, so you will need to take great care of it in order to take full advantage of its capabilities. Its translucent white colour, almost transparent, reminds the dress of the lunar star which appears at sunset. Selene, Σελήνη in ancient Greek, means “moon” and inspired the Latin word “selenitis”, which refers to a kind of transparent chalk with bluish reflections, a definition that could just as well apply to the Selenite stone. It is said that lunar reflections can be seen in the stone. so soft to pronounce.

In Antiquity, the writer Pliny the Elder referred to selenite stone eas lapis specularis, a term found several centuries later in Buffon’s Encyclopedia. It is one of the many varieties of gypsum, a term derived from the Greek “gypsos” meaning “plaster”. This word, in contrast to the name “selenite”, has, moreover, been validated by the International Mineralogical Association (IMA). It is a sedimentary rock, widespread over the entire surface of the globe. It is available in many types, all of which have different shades, mainly soft tones including orange, pink, yellow, giving the stone a pastel effect. Selenite is one of its best-known varieties, which forms crystals of more or less pure transparency. However, some of them sometimes reach the quality of a gem thanks to an astonishing process: evaporation occurs within the sediment itself. This happens most of the time when the concerned stone is in more or less immediate proximity with a vein of gypsum, while the sand rose, a neighbour of selenite stone, decomposes into small flat, lenticular crystals with inclusions of tiny grains of sand, giving it an almost brilliant, stellar appearance. This stone is also a cousin of alabaster, a plaster-like material composed of very fine grains. It has been used for thousands of years to make objects that are as decorative as they are useful. Bowls, vases and various other objects made of alabaster can be found during archeological excavations.


This stone is a variety of fibrous gypsum, composed of crystals that can reflect all the colours of the rainbow. These hues vary from translucent to crystalline: it is a stone of extreme softness.

The main deposits from which this precious stone is extracted are found in Russia, the United States, Mexico, Morocco, Spain… In Central America, the Naica Mine contain the largest crystals in the world. Some reach a length of eleven meters. This calcium is indeed a relatively common rock. On the other hand, selenite in crystallized form is found mainly in China, Canada and Brazil. It is also found in large quantities in the vicinity of the city of Bologna, Italy, to the extent that it has been used extensively in the construction of the city’s fortifications and towers. It is a coarse-grained rock, which is fairly easy to cut and over time takes on a grey patina. Today, these remains have disappeared, but large crystals of selenite stone from these ancient constructions are used as decorations in the houses of many private individuals in the region. With a hardness ranging from 2.5 to 4, it is composed of calcium hydrosulphate. Moulding plaster is made of this material.

Selenite brings more relief when placed on the second chakra and the fifth chakra. It is associated with the signs of Cancer and Aquarius.

To properly recharge this precious mineral, first purify it with salt, but avoid placing it in water, as this will alter it irreparably. Then place it outside on a small pile of quartz or amethyst to expose it to sunlight or moonlight. Whether your stone is mounted as a bracelet, a lamp, a pendant, and earrings or in any other form, you must absolutely take it through a purification process as soon as you receive it. In this way you will really make it your own and it will be rid of all the vibrations it has felt before.



Emotionally, selenite stone stone helps to relax. It brings peace to the surrounding environment and cleans the air to increase the quality of sleep, among other things. If you think about putting it next to you every night, you will soon notice that you will fall asleep more quickly, get a deeper sleep and be less prone to sleep disorders. It also keeps all evil spirits and negative energies away from a place. Placed in one of the rooms of your house, next to a lamp for example, it is a very efficient transmitter of positive energies.

This stone also helps to wipe away the past and start afresh on solid foundations. By bringing back some painful memories, it allows the mind and the heart to regain courage and to rise above all the pain and difficulties that they have gone through in life and that haunt them. With Selene stone, you will therefore tend to regain self-confidence and turn your wounds into strength to regain true serenity. All the energies of your body will reach a balance again in a perfectly fluid way and you will have your wits fully about you. Take advantage of your recharged Selene stone to analyse yourself: this stone indeed favours introspection. You might even discover telepathic gift.

Do you tend to be stressed? Using Selene Stone is ideal to help you relax before an exam or before making an important decision. It is also a mineral that develops openness towards others and open-mindedness, quite simply. Pregnant women particularly appreciate this stone which helps them to calm down and relax throughout the pregnancy process. It allows them to understand and feel all the changes going on in their bodies, the different cycles of transformation of the embryo, so that they can feel a sense of oneness with their baby instead of worrying. Very useful for children, this translucent and soothing mineral calms infant’s restlessness. If your baby cries often and you don’t know what to do to help, you can put Selene stone in his room right after it’s been purified. This will quickly resolve the baby’s little aches and anger. It is also an excellent ally in the breastfeeding process.


Are you trying to get pregnant? Offer yourself Selene Stone to help you through this painful moment of life that can be the infertility wait. It will send very positive waves to help your body prepare for the reception of a small child. It is also very effective in case of painful periods and can give a boost to a waning libido. A real relief for joint pain, this resourceful stone has other medicinal properties such as a remedy for frequent migraines and various stomach aches.

You can also wear it if you are worrying about aging signs on your body. Its vibrations repel the appearance of hair loss, stimulate the heart, reduce the depth of wrinkles and erase the furrows that appear at the corner of the eyes. It is also effective against various skin conditions. If you begin to suffer from memory loss, your selenite stone vwill stimulate your brain, allowing you to retain your entire intellect. Do you tend to be overweight or suffer from obesity? Find out how using Selenite Stone will help you lose weight and reduce your stomach aches. Finally, it is the ideal stone for sportsmen and women: you will not suffer from day-after cramps if you do your muscular exercises wearing Selene stone.


  • Represents the multiplicity of grains assembled (sand rose, stone of the same family) into a harmonious unit and which returns to the state of sand, bringing it towards the cycle of birth, life, death.


  • Gypsum wedding anniversary: 6 years of marriage.

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