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  • Origin of the name: From the ancient Greek “krustallos”, meaning ice as a reference to the fact that quartz is the ice created by the Gods
  • Chemical composition: Silicon dioxide SiO2
  • Hardness: 7
  • Crystal System: Rhombohedral
  • Deposits: A great number throughout the world
  • Colours: From pale beige to black, with dominant brown and maroon hues




Clairvoyants and fortune-tellers were very inspired by this type of quartz, especially in the 19th century. They have a preference for this stone because, unlike clear rock crystal, smoky quartz stone prevented lay persons from accessing the mysteries of their crystal balls. Braemar Castle, in Scotland, houses a huge smoky quartz crystal weighing over 23 kilos. This stone is very popular in Scotland, mainly to decorate Scottish kilts or to adorn beautiful jewellery (brooches for example) or handles of daggers called “sgiandhu”. These traditional Highland daggers are worn inside the sock, so that the handle protrudes out of it. Huge crystals have been found in Brazil (over 300 kilos) and also in the canton of Valais (Switzerland), where a 600-kilo smoky quartz crystal was discovered in 1757. The Smithsonian Institution, a famous museum in Washington, D.C., has among its gem collections a 4,500-carat faceted cut crystal weighing 900 grams. The quartz was named from the ancient Greek “krustallos”, which means ice, as opposed to the popular belief that quartz is ice made by the gods. In the twelfth century, smoky quartz was used in the form of glasses in China in the making of the first sunglasses.


It is a variety of quartz with a colour varying from very light brown, almost transparent, to dark brown. It is called Alençon diamond, German diamond, Colorado diamond or smoky topaz, although these unfounded designations have been banned by the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO). This mineral is often used in jewellery to make pendants. It is important to know that quartz can take on any type of hue: red for carnelian, pink for pink quartz, yellow for citrine, green for aventurine, purple for amethyst, brown for smoky quartz or pure and transparent for rock crystal. There are 2 types of smoky quartz. There is the deep dark brown morion, almost opaque black. It is also called black quartz and is found in France or in Haute-Vienne. There is also cairngorm, which is named after the Scottish mountains where it was discovered. Cairngorm is often smoky yellow-brown, or sometimes grey-brown. Smoky quartz stone is a variety of macrocrystalline quartz, and takes its hue from the natural or induced irradiation of the aluminium salts it contains. This aluminium also has a big influence on the benefit provided by this type of mineral. It belongs to the group of oxides. It is a silicon dioxide whose formula is SiO2. It is transparent and can be even translucent, rarely opaque, with a vitreous shine. On the Mohs scale, its hardness is 7 and its density is constant (2.65). With a conchoidal fracture, it has a trigonal crystal system. Its fluorescence is variable and its pleochroism is considered weak. This stone is quite common. It is formed in all types of geological contexts: igneous and magmatic rocks, such as pegmatites, sedimentary rocks, alpine cracks and hydrothermal veins. It can be found everywhere, but comes largely from deposits exploited in Brazil, Madagascar, Scotland and Ukraine (these are the most productive or most spectacular deposits from a mineral point of view). Its numerous qualities are recognized throughout the world.



In lithotherapy, it is considered as a responsibility and refocusing stone. Thus, it would help to calm down excessive emotions which prevent the thought from being effective, and would improve lucidity and concentration. It helps us to think better and to get rid of irrational fears, anxieties, inner contradictions, of which we are prisoners. It also improves self-confidence, but also the ability to open up to others. It would have a positive effect on us, enabling us to make the right decisions. It would chase away negative thoughts and relieve sadness. It would allow the wearer to refocus his or her energies on attainable goals, in order to avoid failure and disillusionment. For people with mood disorders, it would offer stabilization. It would help us to connect more often to our body and listen to the messages it sends us (such as hunger, thirst, instinct, need for rest), in order to maintain health and balance. It would teach us to integrate Light and Matter energies within our being at the same time. It is the interface, the conciliator and the link between the light and matter frequencies. It is the natural link between all the opposing energies. Very effective, this stone plunges you into the centre of the matter/anti-matter encounter and helps you to feel with precision the connections between the subtle and material planes. It develops your ability to understand the meaning of oppositions and diversity in order to find harmony. This stone allows you to let go by bringing deep tolerance. The idea is to no longer separate things, so that they no longer oppose each other.

It reconciles you with the duality of human nature and allows you to become aware of the difficulties of clarification, positioning and arbitration that disturb your own tracks. It allows you to understand that it is futile to seek perfection, so that you can come to accept your shadowy areas. It brings you the necessary serenity to be able to confront situations or relationships that are a little « troubled ». Smoky quartz stone thus allows you to bring to light, then to defuse conflicts and power relationships that are innate to different life situations. This stone religiously keeps your inner colour palette. It helps you not to step into the deep light or deep dark in order to offer you a harmonious life picture. It teaches you that without shadow, light cannot be brought out and radiate its entire splendour, and conversely, that without light, shadow cannot show its depth and mystery. It is just a matter of finding a balance. It puts you in relation with your inner self so that you make a rational introspection, without value judgments. This will help you to make an inventory of your inner being, without concessions or pretences. It gives you the opportunity to face yourself and locate your dark areas. It helps you identify any negative that surrounds you and eliminate it by anchoring in you positive awareness. It teaches you that black and white are relative concepts. Depending on your point of view, these colours can be perceived both positively and negatively. The mixture of the two adds a human dimension. This stone is full of resources and teaches you to merge your strengths with those of your environment. You will thus feel empowered to face the most fluid as well as the most difficult situations.


From a physical point of view, smoky quartz stone (which can be worn as a pendant), would help to fight against smoking (as well as any other form of addiction, such as alcohol or drugs). Indeed, it protects the bronchial tubes and lungs by allowing the elimination of tar build up. This elimination can cause coughing attacks when the vibrating lashes of the trachea and bronchial tubes come back into place to resume their filtering role. It is also believed to have the ability to strengthen connective tissue and muscles (especially the heart), as well as the kidneys, pancreas and genitals. It would also have a natural positive effect on fertility. Smoky quartz stone corresponds to the Root chakra or Mulhadara chakra, the first chakra, in particular because of its link to fertility and self-confidence. Morion, the darkest of the smoky quartz, is associated with Aries, while the lighter varieties are associated with the signs of Scorpio, Libra and Capricorn. The corresponding planet is Pluto or Saturn depending on the case. Many jewellery shops (especially in Paris) offer this type of stones, in the form of jewellery, such as rings or pendants. Do not hesitate to visit the Gallery of Mineralogy and Geology in the Jardin des Plantes botanical garden in Paris: with a collection of about 770,000 specimens, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world.


  • Smoky quartz represents the elevation of the soul
  • It’s the animality that’s inside of us


  • Native Americans: This stone represents the totem pole
  • Tibetan Buddhism: Smoky quartz represents soul elevation
  • China: It is the ritual purification
  • Christiannism: It represents the penis in the Middle Ages
  • Egypt: Smoky quartz was associated with certain animal-headed mummies in the form of a cabochon