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Litho therapeutic virtues and benefits of stones

Stones used for their virtues and the birth of litho therapy

The virtues of stones began to be acknowledged in litho therapy around the Middle Ages. Many lapidaries advocated the medical benefits and magical properties of various types of stones. The ancient Indians considered stones to have therapeutic powers. In Mongolia and Tibet, traditional medicine used stone powder as a therapeutic solution for hundreds of years. Litho therapy or the virtues of stones was reinvented in the legacy of these Mongolian, Tibetan and Chinese uses in the 1970s by therapists of the New Age movement.
Pierre Améthyste

Jardin zen à trois galets

Improve your physical & mental health with minerals.

The virtues of stones for your well-being!

The virtues of stones for well-being and personal development

Every human being is free to choose, achieve well-being and to develop personally. Since the start of the 21st century, we are hearing more and more of the notion of ‘well-being’ and this is just the beginning. Wellness will become a priority in years to come. Nature contains what is most beautiful and offers us all its treasures; it is up to us to make good use of them.

Stones, crystals and minerals represent small pieces of nature, condensed with a unique energy that strongly affects its environment. Each stone or mineral has its own energetic vibration. This vibration is directly related to its chemical composition and colour. On contact with the skin, the energy released by the stone will generate a result specific to each person according to their physical, psychological or emotional state. We thus talk of the sensitivity of each stone in relation to subtle energies. Some say that there is no connection and that the virtues of stones and minerals do not exist. And yet, the Moon influences the tides, phones receive waves from satellites, the earth revolves around the sun, etc. There are also many factual findings on the existence of vibration waves emitted by matter.

Minerals Kingdoms offers natural stone jewellery, objects and minerals. All are handmade, and some are offered in their crude states. These stones, crystals and minerals come from deposits from all over the globe: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain, the United States, France, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, etc.
Cristaux, Minéraux et Pierres Naturelles

Improve your physical & mental health with minerals.

The art of using minerals according to our specialists!

How to Program Stones, Crystals and Minerals

In litho therapy, there are several methods of use. You can take a flat stone and put it in your pocket or in your bag. Alternatively, you can also wear a piece of jewellery, such as a bracelet, necklace or a pendant. If you are a therapist, pebbles or flat stones are perfect for keeping in your hand and laying on your patient’s body. In this regard, the virtues of stones and minerals can be fully realised.

You can also place a Sphere or a Pyramid in your workplace; These forms are the perfect treatment for living spaces or workplaces (offices). These varieties perfectly re-harmonise the energy of the room. In addition, some minerals treat geobiological disorders and in particular, regulate telluric networks and groundwater. A black tourmaline, for example, will protect against electromagnetic waves.
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