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Wholesale semi-precious stones

Importer and wholesaler of semi-precious stones

Minerals Kingdoms: A local semi-precious stone wholesaler for all of your needs

Minerals Kingdoms is an importer and wholesaler of semi-precious stones and sells to both individuals and professionals. We create handmade jewellery in France as standard and to measure, so that our dealers, occult shops and specialised bookstores, can offer their own customers jewels made of natural stones, fully customised and with no work needed.

A wholesaler of semi-precious stones for several years, we import natural stones from all over the globe to bring you affordable and fully finished products.

Wholesale registration


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    Wholesale discounts of semi-precious stones

    Here are the discounts awarded based on your orders, applied directly to the amount of your invoices (excl. VAT):

    Tiered discounts

    • 0 to 200 euros (excl. VAT): 20% discount
    • 200 to 400 euros (excl. VAT): 30% discount
    • 400 to 800 euros (excl. VAT): 40% discount
    • 800 euros (excl. VAT): 50% discount

    Registration Process

    • 1st order min. of 250 (excl. VAT):
    • Minimum order amount: 150 excl. VAT
    • Products over 250 (excl. VAT) are insured.
    • CB, Paypal, Transfer, Check